The Florida curfew laws aren’t set in stone for all minors and can be waived in certain circumstances. If your child is detained for violating the curfew hours they may be able to have the charges dropped if any of the following apply: 

  • they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian;
  • they’re traveling to/from work;
  • they’re attending an official school or religious event;
  • they’re running errands under an adult’s instruction; or
  • they’re responding to an emergency need. 

If one of these scenarios applies to your child’s curfew violation you’ll need to prove that claim to have the violation dropped. This may require providing proof of parental identity, employment, or school or religious affiliations. Depending on the strictness of your local curfew enforcement, the evidence needed to drop the violation may be difficult to provide. 

Experienced juvenile defense attorneys in Miami Beach can help you provide valid proof that your child was entitled to an exemption from the Florida curfew laws if they’re in any of the listed situations.

 The basic Florida curfew laws provide a statewide guideline for the hours minors may be out in public establishments. Remember that each county and city has the right to make their own laws as long as they don’t violate the constitution. For legal help concerning local laws, contact your juvenile defense attorneys in Miami Beach. (Insert link to When a Minor Violates Florida Curfew Rules) 

Contacting Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Miami Beach 

Juveniles have rights, too, and without proper legal representation those rights may be violated without your knowledge. If your child is facing criminal charges in Miami Beach your legal team is your best defense. juvenile defense attorneys at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.