Advantages of Information Compared to Indictment in Florida

When formal charges are brought against an individual accused of a crime, they may come by way of an indictment or information. The criminal procedure will depend on the severity of the crime in question. You should speak with a South Florida criminal attorney about your case from the very beginning. This can help ensure that your legal rights are protected.

An indictment involves evidence being brought before a grand jury. When the charges are filed by way of information, however, there are some advantages. For instance, the prosecutor will have less work to do regarding compiling and presenting evidence. This may be viewed as offering your cooperation.

Another advantage is that unlike an indictment, your case likely will not raise any attention. Even if the media does find out about the case, it may not happen until sentencing.

This can be crucial when the accused is a public figure or the family is concerned about others learning of the charges. It could be in your best interest to agree to be prosecuted on information rather than an indictment.

There are other differences between an indictment and information of which you should be aware. An attorney can help explain.

Contacting a South Florida Criminal Attorney

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