Advice to Keep You Out of Court: Traffic Defense in Florida and Improper Lane Change and Aggressive Driving

When you’ve been cited for an improper lane change or any other moving violation, you need traffic defense from a Florida attorney. Contact a Miami traffic lawyer who can help you with your ticket.  

Improper lane changes are a consideration when police officers evaluate a driver for aggressive driving, and sometimes this citation is doled out freely and inappropriately so that a police or law enforcement officer can check off the box next to “aggressive driving.” 

Currently, the state of Florida is prohibited from exercising and enforcing its aggressive driving provisions, so although aggressive driving is not an offense by itself, it is considered to be the combination of 2 or more unsafe driving actions. 

How Aggressive Driving is Defined 

In Florida, aggressive driving is defined as performing any 2 of the following actions: 

  • speeding;
  • improper or unsafe lane change;
  • unsafe or improper passing;
  • failure to obey traffic control device;
  • following too closely; and
  • failure to yield the right of way. 

In some cases, a driver may be cited for both an improper lane change and improper passing, despite their close similarities, when one – or even both – of those citations may be unjust. If this has happened to you, speak with a Miami traffic lawyer who feels at home in the traffic system and may provide you with aggressive traffic defense in Florida.  

Get Legal Help from a Miami Traffic Lawyer 

The cost of a Miami traffic lawyer can be far less than the cost of your reckless driving ticket. Our firm offers a free consultation, so you have the chance to learn more about us and our practice before retaining our services. We can also tell you exactly what you’ll be charged ahead of time and give you an honest opinion about the potential challenges of your case. 

Never hire an attorney who promises a positive outcome as no lawyer can guarantee how your case will be resolved. 

If you have recently been cited with reckless driving and need reliable traffic defense in Florida, contact us today at 877-663-5110 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation.