Are Radar Detectors Legal in Florida? (Part A)

Florida is notorious for handing out speeding violations. Traffic cops are known to hide behind trees, under over-passes, and in crowded school zones. They do this in an attempt to ensnare speeding motor vehicles. In fact, sometimes the police will stand in the middle of an intersection, and point their radar guns at oncoming traffic.

There are, however, modern technologies that can detect a radar signal. These technologies may help you avoid receiving a speeding violation in Florida. While radar detectors are legal for use in all non-commercial vehicles, devices like radar jammers may not be used. If you do receive a speeding violation, you may be able to fight your charge with the help of a Miami reckless driving defense attorney.

Which devices are permitted?

Laser and radar jammers are NOT permitted in Florida. These devices are meant to interfere with police officers’ signals, and in many states, the use of these devices is considered a serious crime. If you are caught using one of these devices, you will face more than just a fine, and you may need to get the help of a Miami reckless driving defense attorney.

However, radar detectors are perfectly legal in Florida vehicles. They are only prohibited in commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,000 lbs. While police officers and auto insurers have tried to restrict these devices, there has been little success with federal regulators. One of the reasons that radar detectors are permitted in Florida is because radar guns can be inaccurate. In fact, some studies suggest that 25% of all speeding tickets which are issued with the use of radar are issued due to error.

Therefore, regulators are reluctant to let these machines have complete authority. Some common causes for police radar gun errors include: 

  • Radio frequency interference from other radio signals;
  • Human error in using the wrong angle to direct the radar gun; and
  • Poor calibration, maintenance, and condition of the machine 

If you feel that you received a speeding ticket due to an error or mechanical failure, then you should get the professional help of a Miami reckless driving defense attorney. A Miami reckless driving defense attorney can help you fight your speeding charge. 

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