Are there different penalties for gang violence?

If you’re facing a case involving gang violence in Ft. Lauderdale, it helps to understand Florida’s laws. A gang defense law firm can help prepare you for your case and advise you on your options.

Gang violence is a serious problem in our nation’s cities. The presence of street gangs makes cities and towns hostile environments, raising the chances of a wide range of serious crimes. Gang influence can spread into many areas of a neighborhood, making it difficult for people to feel safe and work and play as usual.

Gangs are particularly destructive to young people, who can easily be drawn into the violent lifestyle with promises of power and protection and end up caught in the lifestyle for many years.

In an effort to deter gang-related activities, many jurisdictions have created new laws that include more severe sentences for crimes that have any connection to gangs. Florida statute 874.04. details the specific sentencing enhancements for those convicted of gang crimes.

Under this code, gang-related crimes may receive sentences that correspond to the next level or degree of severity. For example, a misdemeanor of the second degree may receive punishment normally reserved for misdemeanors of the first degree. First-degree misdemeanors may be punished as third-degree felonies, and so on.

Being accused of gang violence can turn your life upside down. Attorneys at a Ft. Lauderdale gang defense law firm know how vital it is for their clients to have high-quality legal representation when under these intensely stressful circumstances.

Each case is unique, and many factors are involved in the sentencing of violent crimes. Whether you would receive an enhanced sentence or not would depend on many things, so it’s important to speak with a lawyer 

Contacting a Gang Defense Attorney 

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