Arrest for a Florida Misdemeanor Can Affect Your Job

If you’ve been arrested for a Florida misdemeanor, there’s a lot on the line. Having a Miami criminal defense attorney on your side can help give you more confidence as you go through the legal process. You may be able to save your job as well as decrease fines or jail time.

Being arrested – even for a fairly minor offense – can be a frightening experience for anyone. Not only will you be worried about the immediate consequences (court, fines and possibly jail time), but you’ll also be concerned about how your legal troubles will affect your family, your career and your future.

Florida is an employment-at-will state, so an employer can fire a worker for any reason unless there are specific terms set in a contract. Some employers may find an employee’s conviction on misdemeanor charges sufficient reason to terminate employment.

Finding a new job is a major concern for anyone who has a criminal record. Most employers ask prospective employees to divulge any criminal history, and some do full background checks. While having an arrest and/or conviction on your record does not always automatically make you unemployable, it can definitely be a stressful stumbling block for a job seeker.

A Miami criminal attorney can help advise you regarding your options. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the charges, you may be able to have a Florida misdemeanor expunged (removed) from your record. This can be a great relief for anyone who plans to move ahead in their work and education.

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

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