Avoid Being Pulled Over for a DUI in Florida

Of course, the best way to avoid being pulled over for a DUI in Florida is to not drive after drinking. The cost of a cab or the inconvenience of public transportation is more than worth sparing yourself the risk and expense of being charged with intoxicated driving. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, call a Ft. Lauderdale DUI lawyer and explain the circumstances of your arrest to someone who can help.  

Even if you take all precautions, police do pull over drivers who are within the legal limit to drive. This can put you in a stressful position and may result in an arrest, even one on unfounded grounds, which will still cost you time, money and frustration, regardless of your guilt. 

In order to minimize the risk of being pulled over in the first place, be sure that you’re capable of driving safely. Be sure that your headlights are on, plan your driving route in advance, and avoid making quick turns or failing to signal. Also, minimize the distractions in the cab of the car. If you’re pulled over for a suspected DUI, remain calm and have your documents ready for the police officer. 

Contact a Ft Lauderdale DUI Lawyer 

If you are facing a DUI in Florida, your legal team is your best defense. The lawyer you choose to represent you in court, defend your rights, and relentlessly pursue your case could be the difference between jail time and getting on with your life. Contact the Ft. Lauderdale DUI defense team at Falk & Ross for a no-cost evaluation of your case – 1-877-663-5110.