Can a registered Florida sex offender live with a child or minor?

If a Florida sex offender has a released status, meaning that they no longer serve any form of sanction for their sexual offense, then there is nothing in Florida’s statutes that would prevent them from residing with a minor or a child. If a Florida sex offender or predator is currently still serving some form of supervision, such as probation or parole, then the Conditions of Probation may specify such a restriction. 

If you have been convicted as a Florida sex offender, before you live with a minor or a child you should know about your case-specific restrictions. To know whether your Conditions of Probation prevent you from living with a minor or child, you can contact your Department of Corrections (DC) probation officer. Your probation officer should be able to answer this question for you. 

If you are a Florida sex offender prevented from living with a minor or a child and you violate this restriction, you may be faced with new criminal charges. This can lead to new fines, jail time and new charges on your criminal record. To defend yourself against such a violation, you can get the legal help of a Miami criminal defense lawyer.  

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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