Can I be charged with a violent crime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida if I was only exercising self defense?

Self defense is a valid legal defense in Floridain many cases, and an individual cannot be charged if found to have used reasonable force in defending either their person or home. Important in determining whether the force used was justifiable under Floridalaw are the circumstances surrounding the altercation. An attorney working in a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense law firm is trained to always consider whether self defense is a possible legal defense in a violent crime.

Almost since the time human beings began to dwell in their own homes, laws have been written to allow them to use reasonable force, including deadly force, to protect themselves and their home. The paramount right to defend your home is known as the Castle Doctrine, which crowns the homeowner or resident as the “monarch of the home,” giving them complete dominion to defend their home.

In 2005,Floridaofficials approved to expand a person’s right to use deadly force for self defense outside of the home.Floridalaw states that as long as you were engaged in lawful activity when you were attacked, you have the right to stand your ground and meet force with force. Thus, if you believe your attacker was about to use force that would cause a loss of life or greatly bodily harm, you may legally defend yourself or others by using deadly force.

A Smoking Gun Does Not Always Imply Guilt

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