Can I Obtain a Hardship License After a Second Florida DUI?

If you have been convicted of your second Florida DUI, whether or not you may obtain a hardship license will depend on the timing of your offenses. If your second offense did not occur within 5 years of your previous conviction, your driver’s license will be revoked from a minimum of 180 days to a maximum of 1 year. In this case, you will not be allowed to obtain a hardship license.

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To reinstate your license under these conditions, you must complete the entire revocation period.

If, however, your second Florida DUI occurred within 5 years of your previous Florida DUI, your driver’s license will be revoked for a minimum of 5 years. In this case, you may apply for a hardship license after serving 1 year of your revocation period. To obtain a hardship license, you will need to complete any required DUI school and treatment, and receive a favorable recommendation from the Special Supervision Services Program.

If you do receive the favorable approval, you may present it to the driver’s license office and request a hardship license. To fulfill the requirements for your hardship license, and submit your formal request, you can get the professional help of a Miami DUI defense attorney.

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Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney

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