Can I Use a Radar Detector In Florida?

If you drive a motor vehicle in Florida, then YES, you can use a radar detector in your vehicle, so long as you don’t drive a commercial vehicle that weighs over 10,000 pounds. 

While radar detector use is perfectly legal to detect a radar signal, you may not use a radar jammer to block a radar signal. In fact, you cannot use any device that will interfere with a police officer’s radar signal. But if your device is simply meant to detect a police officer’s radar signal then you are acting within the law. 

The reason Florida law permits radar detectors is because radar guns can be inaccurate. When a police officer uses a radar gun, they may use a faulty device, or they may aim it at an angle which will affect the signal’s reading. In fact, studies have shown that, of every 4 speeding tickets which were issued with the use of radar gun, 1 of them has been issued due to an inaccurate reading. These inaccuracies have lead to legislators to permit the use of radar detectors. 

If you have questions regarding the use of a radar detector inside your vehicle, you can get the expert advice of a Miami reckless driving defense attorney. 

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