Challenging the Florida SunPass TOLL-BY-PLATE System

As with any new system, the Florida SunPass TOLL-BY-PLATE program is not flawless when it comes to accurately identifying cars without SunPass accounts. This can lead to innocent drivers receiving toll invoices, and in some cases even toll violations for unpaid fines they weren’t aware they had! 

When a car passes through a SunPass toll booth-less road, a high-speed camera snaps a picture of their license plate. A monthly invoice is issued to the name and address registered to the license plate, and the plate owner is expected to pay the toll fees. 

Unfortunately, there are many potential flaws with the TOLL-BY-PLATE system. The reliability of the high-speed cameras cannot always be counted on, especially during heavy rain or other visual problems. There have been many instances where license plates are misread when charging toll fees and issuing violations. 

The reporting of SunPass toll charges can also be flawed if your license plate is not correctly registered in their database. If you recently moved or updated your vehicle registration there can be a delay in invoicing. Unpaid tolls can lead to license violations and heftier fines if you are not aware that you have these violations on your records. 

Unfair or erroneous charges and Florida SunPass toll violations with the recent changes to the SunPass system may become more common until the enhancements are better tested. If you receive a SunPass toll violation or invoice and believe it was incorrect you should contact a Miami traffic ticket lawyer to discuss your case.

Contacting a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

You don’t need to accept unfair traffic violations when you know you have valid evidence that you were not guilty of misconduct. If you are facing traffic charges in South Florida, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the Miami traffic ticket lawyer team at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.