Charges of Gang Rape: Definitions and Consequences

If you feel that you have been falsely accused of rape, or falsely named as a perpetrator in a multiple-offender rape, contact a defense attorney at Miami’s Falk & Ross law firm immediately. Rape is a very serious charge, not only because of the hefty penalties associated with it, but also because of the lifelong stigma created by a guilty verdict. Although one of the most serious sexual assault offenses is “gang rape,” or rape by multiple perpetrators, any sexual offense may result in the same, long-lasting stigma.

For some people accused of rape, a simple guilty plea with a plea deal that will “get this all over with” may seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, a guilty plea, no matter how great your plea deal, means that the rape charge will never be truly “over with.” In Florida, anyone convicted of a felony sex crime is required to be registered as a sex offender for life.

What is ‘gang rape’?

The term ‘gang rape’ refers to an act of rape that is committed by multiple offenders against a single victim. Cases of multiple-perpetrator rape may occur among gang members, on college campuses, and in other settings. According to Dr. Karen Franklin, a licensed psychologist and instructor at Alliant International University, gang rape may be ritualistic in nature. The rituals may serve the purpose of cementing bonds in the group of perpetrators, or proving “manliness” to the other members through shows of masculinity and power.

Penalties for Gang Rape

In Florida, charges of rape carry hefty penalties, but gang rape is considered to be an even more serious offense. The penalties for rape are divided into three classes: first-degree, second-degree, and life felony rape. If facing Miami rape charges, your criminal defense attorney can provide you with information pertaining to the level of rape you may face.

In cases of gang rape or multiple-offender rape, every offense is intensified in the eyes of the law. Actions that would otherwise be considered second-degree rape are considered first-degree rape; actions that would otherwise be considered first-degree rape are considered life felonies. (Florida Statutes §794.023)

The maximum sentence for those convicted of rape is life in prison. According to Section 794.0235 of the Florida Statutes, charges of rape can be punished with the administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), in addition to a prison sentence and fines. MPA may sound like lethal injection, but it actually means chemical castration. It is always administered in addition to, not in lieu of, other punishments.

Seeking Legal Help

Remember that a rape conviction stays with you forever, whether through sex offender registration or through a reputation marred by word of mouth. If you have been accused of rape or involvement in a multiple-perpetrator sexual offense in Miami, contact a defense attorney at Falk & Ross.

A lawyer who is familiar with sexual assault laws in your area could prove to be an invaluable asset to your case. Our attorneys are willing to talk about your case and figure out the best line of defense for your situation. Call our Miami offices at 305-741-6997 to set up a consultation with a criminal defense attorney to represent you if you are charged with rape.