Common Types of Juvenile Vandalism Charges

A juvenile vandalism charge in Florida can be the result of a number of acts. One of the most common acts of vandalism is the painting of graffiti. 

Other acts that can result in a Florida vandalism charge include: 

  • slashing a tire;
  • breaking a window;
  • damaging a bench;
  • ripping a bus seat;
  • etching a window; and
  • removing an emblem from a car. 

Other crimes that are prosecuted under Florida vandalism laws include:        

  • possession of aerosol paint containers by someone under the age of 18;
  • possession of vandalism tools;
  • vandalism to a church or synagogue;
  • vandalism to government facilities or vehicles;
  • vandalism on or near a highway;
  • vandalism on a freeway; and
  • vandalism using noxious or caustic chemicals.

Those crimes may be punishable by fines, the suspension of a driver’s license and a permanent criminal record. Furthermore, a juvenile who is convicted of vandalism may be penalized with community service hours. 

If your child has been charged with vandalism in Florida, then you should seek help from a Miami juvenile criminal defense lawyer. An experienced lawyer can explain your options for fighting the vandalism charges in court.  

Contacting a Miami Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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