Court Verdict and Hung Juries in a Miami, Florida, Criminal Trial

A hung jury is defined as a jury that cannot reach a unanimous conclusion on the guilt of the defendant and is therefore unable to render a court verdict. Traditionally, cases involving major crimes, such as felonies or capital cases, require a unanimous decision, meaning that all 12 jurors had to agree on the verdict in order for it to be valid.  

A jury must reach a unanimous consensus of voting “guilty” or “not guilty,” but in a few states, such as Oregon and Louisiana, courts permit 11-1 or 10-2 majorities in order to make a conviction for certain felonies. Florida, however, requires unanimity in its court verdicts. 

When a jury is declared “hung,” it results in a mistrial, and the case can be retried, according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. 

An unfortunate consequence is that if the jury cannot decide on a verdict, the prosecution has a second chance to pursue a criminal case against the defendant. A hung jury is also known as a deadlocked jury and is handled in similar but slightly differing ways throughout the country and the rest of the world. 

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