Defenses Pertaining to Behavior in a DUI Case in Miami

You could be facing serious penalties if you have been arrested for a DUI in Miami. However, there may be defenses that can be used which could result in your charges being reduced, or even dismissed.

To learn more about ways you could fight your charges and prevent your license from being suspended, seek legal counsel immediately. A criminal defense lawyer can help protect and fight for your rights.

Reasons Why You May Be Stopped

One of the reasons an officer may stop you is for suspicious behavior, such as the way you were driving, your appearance, or the way you acted. However, there must be reasonable suspicion. Otherwise, it could be considered an invalid stop.

Defenses for a Police Stop 

Some of the defenses you may be able to use pertaining to your behavior in a DUI arrest include: 

  • bloodshot eyes that were caused by allergies;
  • suffering from a physical impairment;
  • speech is slurred because of medication; and
  • witnesses testify that you weren’t drinking before getting into the vehicle, or can provide another reason for driving behavior (such as distracted when turning radio dials).

Other possible defenses can explain your DUI in Miami. These defenses could result in your case being dismissed or dropped because of an invalid stop.

Contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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