Defenses Related to DUI Tests in Miami

If you were arrested for a DUI in Miami, you should immediately seek legal counsel. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to help get your charges reduced or dismissed.

One of the ways you can be found guilty of a DUI is if you fail one of the tests administered by an officer. This includes a urine, saliva, blood or breath test.

However, there are defenses that you may be able to use. This could lead to the test results being considered inadmissible. 

Here are some of the defenses that may be used related to DUI tests: 

  • chemical test was administered improperly or incorrectly;
  • were tested during the time alcohol was being absorbed into your body, in which you weren’t legally impaired;
  • officer fails to comply with state laws regarding the administration of tests;
  • test results were inaccurate; and
  • reading was false because you had eaten or taken medication that led to it.

In order to defend a DUI case, you will need experienced legal counsel. This means having an attorney who is aggressive in fighting for your rights.

If it can be shown that your DUI in Miami tests were invalid or you were the victim of an invalid stop, you may be able to keep your license and avoid serious penalties.

Contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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