Do the penalties in Miami differ based on the type of marijuana?

Seeking help from criminal defense attorneys if you are facing drug charges in Miami can help ensure you are properly represented. Penalties could differ if you have been found in possession of marijuana laced with other illegal drugs.

Some marijuana blunts may contain other illegal substances in addition to cannabis such as phencyclidine (PCP) or crack cocaine. This may lead to more serious penalties, so be sure to consult an attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

Drug charges for an illegal substance will depend on the circumstances. For instance, charges will be much stiffer when an individual is found to have the intent to sell or distribute. Individuals may be charged with trafficking depending on the amount found in their possession.

Possession of less than 20 grams is a misdemeanor, but anything over that is a felony. Possession of other controlled substances may lead to a third-degree felony or more depending on the amount found and circumstances.

Contacting Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are facing any type of drug conviction in Miami, consult immediately with criminal defense attorneys. For drug charges, you could be looking at significant fines and incarceration depending on the specific charges you are facing. You could even be at risk of losing your driver’s license if convicted of a crime.

With the potential to face severe penalties that could impact the rest of your life, consult with one of our criminal defense lawyers at Falk & Ross. Call our offices in Miami at 877-663-5110 or 305-741-6997. We offer a free initial consultation, so come in to discuss the marijuana changes that you are facing.