Do you need traffic defense in Florida for an improper lane change?

When you receive a ticket for an improper lane change, it’s important to not only understand the charges that have been leveled against you, but also to retain legal representation in the form of a Miami traffic lawyer who thoroughly understands the intricacies of traffic law and can provide you with dedicated traffic defense in a Florida case. 

Definition of an Improper Lane Change in Miami, Florida 

The definition of an improper lane change can be found in Statute 316.085 of the Florida state code, and outlines that you may not drive a vehicle on the left-hand side of a road or highway when you are passing another vehicle unless the left-hand lane is devoid of any oncoming traffic for an appropriate distance. 

It also dictates that when you do pass another vehicle lawfully, you must return to the appropriate lane as soon as it safe and practical to do so. This action must be performed prior to coming within 200 feet of any oncoming vehicle, in the event that you must pass into a lane authorized for traffic going the opposite direction. 

What constitutes “interference” or “appropriate lane change” is often up to the officer writing the ticket, so it’s important that you challenge these subjective conclusions in a court of law with the assistance of a Florida traffic infraction attorney. 

Why You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Defense in Florida 

If you are cited for an improper lane change, you need the assistance of a Miamitraffic lawyer who is not only well-acquainted with the statutes that outline and define traffic law, but also dedicated to fighting against unfair or unjust citations for traffic violations. An attorney will evaluate your case and help you understand what the law says, how your actions were interpreted by the ticketing officer, and whether or not your case has a good chance of being dismissed in court.  

There are several instances in which you may be cited for an improper lane change, a commonly ticketed traffic violation in south Florida. A Miami traffic lawyer can help you by providing you with a traffic defense in Florida that takes into account the standing legal statutes and the circumstances of your citation. 

It’s often the case that these citations are given incorrectly, so speak with an attorney who is dedicated to the traffic law process. 

Improper Lane Changes and Accidents in Miami, Florida 

In the case of an accident precipitated by an improper lane change, the driver who made the improper change will often be cited, provided that the responding officer determines that the lane change was unlawful and that the change directly interfered with the safe operation of an oncoming vehicle. 

In instances in which there is no accident and a police officer or some other law enforcement agent cites you for an improper lane change, it is often the case that these citations are issued incorrectly. The law dictates that in order for a lane change to be improper, it must have interfered with or in some way negatively impacted another vehicle or the general flow of traffic

For instance, in such cases that you are driving on an open highway by yourself without any other cars in sight, and you fail to use your directional turn signals and are summarily ticketed as a result, it’s possible that your citation may be thrown out when challenged in court. These types of moving violations are often used as grounds to stop vehicles to check for impaired drivers or other violations. 

If you have been charged with an improper lane change, whether as a result of an accident case or not, contact a Miami traffic lawyer who can help you by providing dedicated and hard-working traffic defense for yourFlorida infraction. 

Get Legal Help from a Miami Traffic Lawyer 

The cost of a Miami traffic lawyer can be far less than the cost of your reckless driving ticket. Our firm offers a free consultation, so you have the chance to learn more about us and our practice before retaining our services. We can also tell you exactly what you’ll be charged ahead of time and give you an honest opinion about the potential challenges of your case. 

Never hire an attorney who promises a positive outcome as no lawyer can guarantee how your case will be resolved. 

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