Don’t Risk Drug Charges: Key Differences Between Illegal vs. Legal

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami Can Help with Drug Charges, Legal or Illegal

In the United States, the drug import industry is a billion-dollar trade. Unfortunately, so many of these drugs are illegal in nature, causing drug charges to be brought against those who attempt to bring illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin into the country. But not all drugs are illegal, nor do the courts deem all cases involving drug possession illegal. It is important to make the distinction if you have been charged with possessing either legal or illegal drugs.

Of course, discussing these concerns and drug charges with one or more qualified criminal defense lawyers in Miami will get you the answers you seek. In the meantime, the following information is an overview of the key differences between illegal and legal possession of drugs in Florida and throughout the United States.

In general, there are stronger drug charges brought against those who possess illegal drugs, simply because these drugs are illegal to begin with. Legal drugs like prescription medications often come with less harsh penalties, both because it can be more difficult to prosecute someone who has a prescription for a particular drug and because the drug itself is allowed for use in the United States.

Other factors come into play as well, both for those possessing illegal and legal drugs. These factors include: 

  • age of the person being charged;
  • past criminal history of the person being charged with possession of drugs;
  • whether the one possessing drugs had intent to sell and/or distribute drugs;
  • type of drug involved;
  • quantity or amount of drug found in the charged person’s possession; and
  • where the crime was committed or where the drugs were found.

While laws are on the books to help determine when a legal drug becomes illegal based on use, the law is not always clear. This is why those being formally charged with drug possession generally turn to experienced criminal defense lawyers in Miami, who can help them navigate the process and get the best possible results.

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