Is driving with Google Glass Illegal?

Have you recently been involved in a car accident caused by distracted driving?  If you caused a motor vehicle crash, you’ll need to have a auto insurance to ensure you and your families benefits and to save money when there is an accident. Experienced Florida defense attorney on your side.  Many car accidents are caused nowadays by distracted driving, and Google’s most recent technology, Google Glass, might be at fault.  Google Glass is supposed to be a safer, hands-free way to engage with technology, but certain studies suggest that this eye wear might not be as promising as it sounds.

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Google Glass—What is It?

In short, Google Glass is a new kind of “smart” eye wear that allows the wearer to have hands-free access to technology.  Through voice commands alone, these glasses can take photographs, send text messages, conduct language translations, and take and send videos.  When these glasses first became available, scientists praised their simplicity and “evolutionary design.”  However, commentators and researchers have begun to worry if these hands-free “smart” glasses actually impair our cognitive abilities when we wear them.  Does this eye wear send technology to the wearer at an unacceptable speed?  Are these glasses likely to distract us while we’re driving?

Distracted Driving in Florida

There’s no specific law against distracted driving in Florida, but texting while driving is now a citable offense in Florida.  If you’re caught texting while driving, you can be cited by a law enforcement officer.  In addition, Florida is working to document elements of distracted driving that lead to crashes.  When an officer fills out an accident report, she or he will indicate whether it’s likely that the driver’s distraction caused the crash, and the officer can specify the type of likely distraction, including: electronic communication devices (like a cell phone, or Google Glass), other electronic devices (like a GPS system), other distractions coming from inside the vehicle, and other external distractions arising outside the vehicle.  Given the various technological uses of Google Glass, are we likely to see more Florida accidents arising from owners of this eye wear?

Dangers of Google Glass

According to Daniel J. Simons, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, and Christopher F. Chabris, a professor of psychology at Union College, the use of Google Glass could be extremely dangerous.  An article in Daily Mail reported on these professors’ findings, emphasizing how “the revolutionary ‘wearable computer’ could disrupt cognitive capacity and distract wearers to the point where they miss things which are ‘utterly obvious.’”

Indeed, a recent article in the New York Times written by Simons and Chabris highlighted these concerns, noting that “Google Glass may allow users to do amazing things, but it does not abolish the limits on the human ability to pay attention.” They questioned Google’s attempt to develop a product that allegedly “frees your eyes,” emphasizing that there are still elements of human cognition—and distraction—for which technology can’t account.  In short, Google Glass may be revolutionary in its design and use, but users are likely to be distracted by the rapid technology they’ll receive in their lines of vision while wearing this eyewear, so is better to stick with normal glasses in case of an impaired vision, for more info on how to take care of your vision, you can read this OVP review from healthyusa.

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