Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License in Florida (Part B)

Florida’s Option 1 Program 

Since June 1, 2010, Florida has a new diversion program for anyone caught driving with a suspended license. Now, under the new program, violators can opt to attend a 4-hour driver improvement class, and pay a $150 fine. To partake of this option, you simply need to tell a judge that you are choosing Option 1. 

By choosing this new program, you can save yourself time, money, and the burden of a criminal conviction. Furthermore, you are currently allowed to opt for this as many times as you like. This means that whether you are facing your first, second, or third offense of driving with a suspended license, you can avoid conviction by choosing Florida‘s Option 1. 

According to the State Attorney, Florida‘s Option 1 may soon be tweaked, so that you may not choose it an unlimited number of times. But as of now, you can participate in Option 1 as often as you like. If you have questions regarding your eligibility for Option 1, you can consult an experienced Miami traffic defense attorney. 

Those who are ineligible to choose Florida’s Option 1 include those whose licenses were suspended due to an accident, DUI charge, or other drug charge

How can a Miami traffic defense attorney help me?

An experienced Miami traffic defense attorney will know ways that may be able to help you beat your criminal charge. However, if you can’t beat your charge, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea. By negotiating a plea, you may avoid spending time in jail, paying the maximum fines, and having to live with the stigma of a permanent criminal record.

Contacting a Miami Traffic Defense Attorney 

If you are facing a serious traffic violation in South Florida, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the Miami traffic defense attorneys at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.