DUI Conviction Will Revoke License and Mandate DUI School

A DUI conviction in Florida requires you attend DUI school. In Miami, a criminal defense team may be able to help you avoid a DUI conviction. Otherwise, you will need to find state-approved schools to complete the court’s mandated DUI course to get your license back.


Driver’s License Revocation and Convictions

The state of Florida mandates that anyone with a DUI conviction have their driver’s license revoked. The number of times you have been convicted of a DUI will determine how long your license is suspended.

First-time offenders will be without their license for a minimum of 6 months; second-time offenders are required to wait a minimum of 5 years to get their license back; and a third conviction will have your license taken away for a minimum of 10 years. Any further DUI convictions permanently will revoke your driver’s license.

Part of the requirement in getting your license back is successfully completing DUI school. This is mandated even for a hardship license to be reinstated so you can drive to work or school while awaiting full reinstatement of your unrestricted license.


DUI School Requirements

Completion of DUI school is part of any DUI conviction in Florida. For first-time offenders, you must finish the course before a hardship license will be approved. If you choose to be without your license for the minimum 6-month requirement, you will only have to show that you enrolled in a course to be re-licensed. However, it is expected that you dutifully will complete the course within 90 days after you receive your license back. If you do not, you may find your license has been canceled, and it will not be revalidated until you can show proof that you completed DUI school.

These rules also apply for those with a second DUI conviction within a 5-year period, as well as to third-time offenders who are convicted within a 10-year period.

You should be aware that driving while your license is suspended or revoked because of a DUI conviction may subject you to a third-degree felony charge if you cause serious bodily injury or death to someone while driving.


Approved DMV Traffic School Providers and Courses

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recommends those needing to fulfill a DUI school requirement choose the designated course mandated by the court from the Florida Drivers Association. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles also lists a number of Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course Schools where you can find the assigned course requirement you received as part of your sentence by the court.


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