Explaining Your DUI to Your Children

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge may have a significant impact on your life. In addition to worrying about the penalties you may face if convicted and your license suspension, you may also have to deal with questions and reactions from those closest to you. One of the biggest concerns many parents have is how to explain their DUI to their children.

DUI and Your Children

Speaking to your children about these charges can be a difficult subject for many parents. After all, you may be feeling ashamed or embarrassed about your arrest. You also want to be a role model for your children, and may feel like your arrest sets a bad example.

Many people choose not to discuss their arrest until they learn the outcome of the case; after all, not every drunk-driving charge results in a conviction. By working with an established defense attorney, there is a chance that your charges may be reduced or dismissed. Unfortunately, the Internet makes it easy for the public, and your children, to find information about your arrest.

How you explain your arrest depends on the age of your children. When kids are younger, they may notice a break in routine if you stop driving them to school, daycare, etc., or if you don’t come home the night of your arrest. Having an age-appropriate conversation is important. However, as your children grow up, you may want to explain the situation in greater detail so they can avoid finding about your arrest from others.

With older children, you may wish to tell them that you made a mistake and explain why you were arrested. Be prepared, as some family members may feel resentment or anger when they find out you were arrested for driving under the influence. If you find that this is the case, counseling may help.

Examining the example you are setting for your children is also important. Children often model their behavior on their parents, so if you believe you have a problem with alcohol, consider getting help. Explaining the risks involved with alcohol can also help your children as they grow older.

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