Facing Criminal Charges in Florida: Bail Bond 101

You’ve been arrested, booked, and spent a night in jail facing criminal charges in Florida. You’re all set to see a judge for your initial hearing, during which you’ll find out how much bail you’ll need to post in order to be released. But what happens after that?

Most people pay their bail amount with what’s called a bail bond. A bail bond, also called a “Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds,” is a contract between the accused and a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman pays the full amount of the person’s bail in exchange for a fee. In Florida, that fee is $100 for a bail of $1,000 or less and 10% for a fee of more than $1,000.

Once the bail bond is issued from criminal defense lawyer anoka mn, the defendant is released from jail, on the stipulation that they must show up for their trial date. If they fail to appear in court, the bond is forfeited. At this point, the court will issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. In addition, the bondsman is also legally allowed to send agents or bounty hunters to find the accused and force them to attend trial.

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