False Accusations of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse

Many people expect to have a professional relationship between themselves and their doctor, teacher, coach, lawyer or priest. However, from the shocking stories we hear and read about in the news, claims of sexual exploitation by helping professionals are on the rise. Many professionals are crossing the line and taking advantage of their power over the people who trust them. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), 90 percent of cases occur between a male professional and female patient or student. However, claims against female teachers and male students are becoming more commonplace.

It is important to know that some allegations of sexual exploitation are false. Many helping professionals are being falsely accused and penalized without letting their stories be heard. If you are accused of sexual exploitation, get legal help from a defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Definition of Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation refers to any type of sexual contact. A helping professional is someone who works in industries meant to help people, such as education, health care or religion. Examples of these professions are teachers, priests, doctors and therapists. Lawyers and police officers are also helping professions.

Types of Sexual Involvement

Sexual exploitation by helping professionals can arise in three forms:

  • sexual activity that occurs when the client is under the impression that it has therapeutic benefits;
  • sexual activity in a professional context; and
  • a relationship that is based on sex and not any professional treatment or service.

The patient or student has the burden of proof to show that the sexual exploitation took place. The Fort Lauderdale professional needs to have a good defense, which is where a defense attorney becomes useful.


Many allegations of sexual exploitation by helping professionals are false. There are several reasons why a victim would make a false allegation against a person:

  • false memory;
  • entrapment;
  • pressure to do so from another person;
  • revenge;
  • miscommunication/misinterpretation; and
  • fantasy/delusion.

In some cases, a child may not know what constitutes sexual exploitation. For example, if her teacher pats her on the back or gives her a hug, she may misconstrue those actions as those of a sexual nature. In addition, the alleged victim may have a mental disorder that would cause him or her to think that something sexual in nature occurred when, in reality, it did not.

Because of the increasing number of allegations against school personnel, many teachers are being advised not to touch students at all or even be alone in a classroom with them.

Contacting a Defense Attorney

Claims of sexual exploitation by helping professionals in Fort Lauderdale are on the rise. Increasingly, female teachers and doctors are being accused of sex crimes with their students or patients. Even making the slightest gesture toward someone can have implications. If you are accused of sexual exploitation, having a criminal attorney on your side can help your case.

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