Felony Charges and Penalties for Armed Robbery in South Florida

Armed robbery is a 1st degree felony which is normally punishable by up to life imprisonment. This is a maximum penalty that can sometimes be argued against by a skilled South Florida criminal defense attorney. However, armed robbery is a special case where the circumstances of the robbery incident determine the minimum jail time you will face. 

If you commit armed robbery while possessing a firearm or deadly weapon, you will be facing a mandatory minimum 10 year prison sentence. This penalty is assessed even if the robbery was only attempted and you did not obtain any goods or money. You may be charged with this crime even if the weapon was never seen during the robbery and only found on your person after the arrest. 

If in the course of the robbery you have a firearm or deadly weapon that is discharged (set off, activated, etc.), you will face a mandatory 20 year minimum prison sentence. The weapon does not have to injure anyone. The mere fact it was used is enough to bring about these charges. 

Finally, if you injure someone during the robbery or someone is killed, you will face a minimum 25 years imprisonment and up to life as a mandatory punishment. All of these felony charges can have long-term consequences on your criminal record which can impair your ability to obtain a job or housing. 

Committing armed robbery in Florida means you will be facing serious criminal charges that can ruin your future. You have the right to experienced legal help from a South Florida criminal defense attorney. Without an attorney you could be facing the maximum penalties and unfair prosecution.

Contacting a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney 

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