Fighting Child Kidnapping Charges in Florida

Just because you were arrested on charges of kidnapping in Florida doesn’t mean you are guilty. Unfortunately, cases of mistaken identity or misconstrued circumstances have lead innocent people to stand before a judge and defend themselves from a first degree felony charge for kidnapping. 

Child custody is a common area where kidnapping charges may come into play. Depending on your parental rights and the child custody agreements, taking your children across state lines or having them during non-custody times may be considered kidnapping. The penalties can increase drastically for kidnapping when the victim is a minor under 13. 

In charges for kidnapping of a minor, the maximum prison sentence can be become a life sentence if you are also found guilty of aggravated child battery, sexual misconduct with the child, or intent to exploit or prostitute the child. As with an adult penalty, any use of a weapon can carry additional punishment as well. 

There are many factors in proving and convicting someone of kidnapping in Florida, and a good legal defense is your best chance of getting these charges dropped or reduced. While not all cases can have a dismissal or a sentence reduction, having a Miami criminal defense attorney on your side is your best bet for achieving these strategies. 

When you face Florida kidnapping charges you cannot afford to take these accusations lightly. A Miami criminal defense attorney can help you fight these charges and potentially reduce your sentence.  

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

You are entitled to know all your legal rights before being prosecuted for any suspected criminal activity – including your right to legal representation. If you are facing criminal charges in South Florida, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the South Florida criminal defense team at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.