Florida Criminal Attorney Explains Pre-Trial Release on Recognizance

Florida, like most states, has a system that governs its release on recognizance program, and it’s called the Pre-Trial Release program. Floridaisn’t the only state to institute this program or one similar to it, and it’s proven to be an effective means of addressing overcrowded jails and freeing up space and resources for the cities and counties.

How the program works differs from county to county, but most include a supervisory component that requires the accused to check in once or twice per month, pay a nominal supervision fee, and keep the court advised of any changes of employment or address.

When someone is arrested for a non-violent criminal offense inFlorida, that person must be brought before a judge for release conditions within 24 hours. The Florida Bar Criminal Procedure Rules Committee voted unanimously to mandate that accused individuals be afforded the right to an attorney at their first appearance, so a public defender is typically assigned to handle the hearing unless the accused has opted to self-represent or has hired a private criminal attorney.

If you have been arrested in Florida, a criminal attorney may be able to negotiate your release on recognizance, so when you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, be sure to call a lawyer first – 877-663-5110.