Florida SunPass Toll System Changes

The Florida SunPass toll payment system is an electronic payment method that allows drivers to easily access the Florida toll roads common in the southern and central parts of the state. While this system provides great benefits to drivers who pay their tolls with a SunPass account, it also has the potential to create unnecessary traffic violations when the system malfunctions.

If you receive a SunPass toll violation and believe it was in error you may need a Miami traffic ticket lawyer to help you fight the charges. Ignoring an issue with your SunPass account can be costly and create more problems than are necessary. With the many changes the SunPass system has been going through it may be more common to receive an unfair SunPass toll violation. 

Common SunPass Toll Violation Issues 

When you are accused of a SunPass toll violation you will receive a notice in the mail detailing the nature of the violation. 

Some of the common types of violations include: 

  • inaccurate license plate information;
  • incorrect transponder mounting;
  • dead transponder batteries; and
  • transponder interference. 

You must be careful to keep your SunPass account information accurate for your vehicle, address, and payment information to avoid unnecessary SunPass toll violations. SunPass license plate violations are usually verified by a camera and can sometimes have inaccurate images resulting in misidentified violators. 

When the issue is technical—as with the physical transponder units—there are many electrical components that may be to blame. If the transponder is not correctly read—due to a software failure or physical failure—you may not be liable for the error. 

Changes to the SunPass account system and toll stations beginning in 2011 may create even more instances of erroneous SunPass toll violations with the new TOLL-BY-PLATE system. A Miami traffic ticket lawyer can help you prove your case and fight the traffic charges if you find yourself in this situation. 

The 2011 SunPass TOLL-BY-PLATE System 

Starting on February 19, 2011, the SunPass system will go booth-less on the Florida Turnpike between milepost 0 in Florida City and milepost 47 at the county line of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Similar to the SunPass-only high-speed pass-through archways that are present at many toll areas already, the new system eliminates the need to slow down to pass through a toll booth and allows SunPass account holders to breeze through without a thought. 

Drivers without a SunPass account will no longer be required to stop at a booth to pay their toll. Rather, they will be identified with high-speed cameras in the TOLL-BY-PLATE program. The system takes a photo of your license plate and mails it to the address where the plate is registered. 

This already poses numerous instances where invalid or unfair toll charges may be amassed due to technical error or illegal conduct. Some of the problems that drivers may experience with the new SunPass booth-less tolling program include: 

  • improperly identified license plates;
  • toll invoices mailed to the wrong address;
  • stolen vehicles amassing tolls; and
  • lost invoices. 

When you receive a SunPass invoice or SunPass toll violation you have the right to challenge it if you believe it was sent in error. Be mindful of tracking your passages through the booth-less tolling lanes and check your records against the charges on your invoice. 

Fighting SunPass Violations & Charges with a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

Just because you receive an official citation from SunPass does not mean that you are guilty of a SunPass toll violation. There are many errors that can take place out of your control that result in inaccurate violations being issued to innocent drivers. 

When you believe you have been wrongfully accused of a SunPass toll violation or believe your SunPass account has been compromised to create unfair charges, you should consult with a Miami traffic ticket lawyer. 

Contacting a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

You don’t need to accept unfair traffic violations when you know you have valid evidence that you were not guilty of misconduct. If you are facing traffic charges in South Florida, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the Miami traffic ticket lawyer team at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.