Florida’s DUI Penalties – First DUI Offense (Part B)

The Mandatory DUI Program 

Anyone who is convicted of a DUI in Florida must complete a mandatory DUI program. This may include alcohol education, driver safety classes, and a psychological evaluation. The course may require an additional fee of up to $1,000. A failure to complete this program will result in a loss of driving privileges. 

Reinstating your Driver’s License after a DUI in Florida 

Once your driver’s license has been suspended for a Florida DUI, you may apply for a hardship license in the county where you live. To receive this license, you must complete the required DUI program. You can apply for a hardship license in any local Administrative Reviews Office. 

Upon completion of the DUI program, you may also apply to reinstate your administrative driver’s license. To do so, you must first complete a required examination. You will also have to pay an administrative fee, a revocation reinstatement fee, and any license fee required. You must also provide proof of insurance in the specified amounts. 

I have recently been charged with a DUI in Florida. What can I do to avoid these penalties?                                           

If you have already been charged with a DUI in Florida, then you’ll want to get the professional help of a Florida DUI attorney. An expert attorney knows what it takes to beat your DUI charge. By investigating your case, they may find ways to have your charge dismissed. 

The penalties for DUI in Florida are severe. Don’t leave your future solely in the hands of the court. The Miami DUI defense attorneys at Falk & Ross Law Firm know the importance of a solid defense in your drunk driving case and we will fight for your rights every step of the way. Contact us today – 1-877-663-5110.