How do plea bargains work?

Prosecutors primarily use plea bargains to secure testimony against a co-conspirator who was responsible for a more serious crime than the plea bargainer. The prosecutor will set certain conditions that need to be met for the plea bargain to stay valid. A Miami criminal defense attorney may suggest a plea bargain depending on the specifics of your case and what evidence exists against you. 

There are 2 types of plea bargains:  

  • Charge Bargain – Requires testimony against another defendant; and
  • Sentence Plea Bargain – Informs you of the punishment prior to trial. 

For the sentence plea bargain, once your punishment is explained to you by the judge, you are allowed to either accept or reject it. A rejection will lead to a trial. The best time to have your Miami criminal defense attorney negotiate a plea bargain is before the charges have been filed. 

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For example, if there is an ongoing investigation, you can establish a plea bargain at this time. Also, if you know charges are pending but have not yet been filed, you can establish a plea bargain. 

Always consult with your Miami criminal defense attorney prior to accepting a plea bargain as prosecutors sometimes offer them as scare tactics to get you to admit guilt when it is possible that you could still win your case in court.   

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

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