How Motivation Determines Penalties in a Miami, Florida Arson Case

Arson is a violent criminal act that can cause property damage, injuries, and even death. Depending on the extent of the damages, you may be charged with jail time, murder, hefty fines, or community service. There are many reasons why people commit arson. Here are ways that a person’s motivation can determine their penalties in a Miami case.

Motivation comes in various forms. People may feel compelled to start fires for the following reasons: 

  • spite or revenge;
  • to potentially collect money (in cases of insurance fraud);
  • political reasons (to make a statement);
  • vandalism; and
  • mental illness.

When determining sentencing for arson, a person must be culpable, or deserving of punishment. Culpability is determined by intent, negligence, or disregard of the consequences. Your Miami criminal defense attorney must be able to prove intent of the suspect. This can involve factors such as planning, detailed analysis of the property, and the ability to know whether or not the act was wrong. Some people are professional arsonists and therefore are culpable for their acts; however, it can be hard to establish punishment for minors or those with mental illnesses.

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