How much time do I have to appeal my conviction and sentence in the State of Florida?

If you were recently sentenced and/or convicted of a crime in Florida and you want to appeal this decision, you and your criminal lawyer will have 30 days to file a notice of appeal with Florida District Court of Appeal. 

In addition to filing deadlines the following information may also be useful to you and your criminal lawyer when pursing an appeal. 

  • Appeals in Florida will have to be filed in the Clerk’s office of the county or city where the conviction was issued.
  • The filing fee for an appeal is $300.
  • Typically a panel of 3 judges will review and make decisions on the outcome of an appeal.
  • These judges are randomly assigned to each different case.
  • Those wishing to appeal their sentences can have a criminal lawyer request an oral argument on their behalf. An oral argument will take place before the panel of judges.
  • There is no set time period for how long it takes an appeal to be resolved. Each case is different and the time for it to be decided will vary.
  • If the appeal does not come out in your favor you may still have recourse in some specific and rare cases, which a criminal lawyer can determine.
  • It is not required that you use a criminal lawyer for filing appeals in Florida, however it is strongly recommended. 

While filing an appeal may seem intimidating and you may expect the worst outcome, you should still consult with your criminal lawyer about going through this process. It may be worth it for you to explore this option after a sentencing or conviction. 

Contacting a Miami Criminal Lawyer 

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