How to Pick a Florida DUI Defense Attorney, Cont.

You should always ask a Miami DUI defense attorney how much experience they have had with drunk driving cases specifically. It might seem repetitive to ask a lawyer how much experience they have and then ask again, but it is not. 

Some lawyers advertise that they take drunk driving cases whether or not it is their area of specialty. A person only needs a license to practice law, and once obtained, they can advertise to take any kind of case. If your Miami DUI defense attorney has argued and won cases similar to yours, then you are in good hands. 

Remember, any conversation that you have with a Miami DUI defense attorney is privileged and cannot be used against you whether you decide to hire them or not. 

Ask which lawyer will be handling your case. Most lawyers work in teams on their cases so the lawyer with whom you are talking might not be the one who does the bulk of the work. Follow up by asking what that person’s qualifications are in terms of drunk driving offenses. 

Even if you do not know a lot about law yourself, don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about insurance, reputation, and cost. For instance, you should ask about: 

  • Malpractice insurance;
  • Any discipline from the state bar; and
  • Any and all legal costs. 

You don’t need to know everything that malpractice covers, just get confirmation that the lawyers have it. In addition, if the state bar has disciplined them, then you might want to investigate other firms. Lastly, cost is always an issue and you should get them to list any costs that you might incur, including things such as the cost of investigators or experts called to the stand. 

Lastly, have them explain to you any possible challenges and how they might affect your case. Get them to commit to keeping you informed about the case. Often, clients complain about not being able to contact their lawyers so you should indicate early on that you would like to be kept abreast of any changes. 

Choosing a DUI attorney is not a fun process, but by choosing an experienced Miami DUI attorney, you greatly increase your chances of having your Florida DUI charges reduced or dismissed. Do your homework and really research the possibilities so that you can get the best representation and get on with your life. 

Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney 

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