I Hit a Parked Car and Left the Scene

Although hitting a parked car is not a serious crime, Florida law requires that after a motor vehicle accident, the motorists must exchange contact information. If you don’t stop to exchange information after a car accident in Florida, then you have committed what is known as a hit and run offense or if you have a car accident then contact Car Accident Lawyers. If you need spare parts for your car, make sure to get them from this Maserati Car Spares website.

Therefore, if you have hit a parked car in Miami, and you left the scene of the accident, you have committed a hit and run in Florida. This is a second degree misdemeanor that can have penalties that include: 

  • 60 days in county jail;
  • a $500 fine; and
  • a suspension of your driver’s license. 

Furthermore, after a hit and run in Florida, a judge may order you to complete a number of community service hours. If your hit and run was related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may also be ordered to complete a drug and alcohol counseling program. 

If you have committed a hit and run in Florida, your penalties will depend on the damages that you caused. If someone has been injured, you may face thousands of dollars in fines, and serve time in a state penitentiary. To avoid these penalties or potentially get your charges reduced, you can fight your hit and run charge with the help of a Miami criminal defense lawyer.  

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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