I was charged with trafficking, but I’ve never given drugs to anyone and I am not a dealer. Why am I charged with trafficking?

The term “trafficking” does not mean that you have to sell or distribute drugs to be arrested for this type of crime. The Florida drug laws define “trafficking” in terms of the amount of illegal substances you possess, rather than what you do with them.

It is possible to be charged with drug trafficking without ever having sold or distributed drugs to others. Merely having a certain amount in your possession is often grounds for arrest. The type of drug you are found with and the amount in your possession are critical factors in the trafficking charges you may face.

To make sure your rights to fair treatment are preserved through your arrest, including access to legal counsel, a fair trial, and an opportunity to defend against your charges, you should obtain a South Florida drug defense lawyer immediately.

The Florida drug laws detail the amounts of several common drugs that are considered a trafficking charge, including:

  • 1 gram of LSD;
  • 28 grams of cocaine;
  • 4 grams of Oxycodone/Hydrocodone; and
  • 25 pounds of marijuana.

Trafficking is a felony charge, and there are specific ranges of amounts that you can possess that can increase the degree of felony. Without knowing how Florida drug laws determine penalties for how much of a drug you possess, you could face unnecessarily high charges.

An experienced South Florida drug defense lawyer will help explain the trafficking laws and how they impact your case. He or she can help you make sure you’re given all the rights you’re entitled to during your case hearing and sentencing.

Contacting a South Florida Drug Defense Lawyer

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