I was notified by summons to appear in a Florida court and answer certain charges. Should I hire a Florida criminal defense attorney to represent me in court?

If you have been notified by court summons to appear in a Florida court and answer certain charges, then YES, you should definitely hire a Florida criminal defense attorney. This is because a court summons tells you that you are being sued or facing criminal charges, and asserts the power of the court to hear and determine the case against you. 

In fact, a court summons demands that you appear before the court on a specific day, and that you must answer the complaint that has been made by the plaintiff. The plaintiff who has filed the complaint against you will have their own attorney to represent them. Therefore, you will certainly want your own Florida criminal defense attorney who can defend your legal rights.   

Once you have received a court summons, you should immediately call a Florida criminal defense attorney. An attorney will research the court summons, investigate the case, and may be able to negotiate a plea bargain or develop a defense to the allegations in the complaint. Having legal representation on your side during this time is critical in ensuring that you have the best ability to answer the charges against you in court. 

Contacting a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney 

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