Insurance Costs of a DUI in Florida

A Florida DUI conviction carries a number of costs. Beyond the basic fine that accompanies a Florida DUI, a conviction may also result in jail time, which can cost you in the form of lost work, a suspended license, mandatory community service, and driving school. Beyond all of these costs, however, is an often steep increase in your insurance premiums

After being convicted of a Florida DUI, your insurance company will eventually find out about it since Florida requires an FR-44 form to reinstate your driver’s license. At this point they will deal with you in one of two ways: they will either increase your insurance rates, or they will simply cancel your policy. If your insurance company increases your rates, they will label you a high-risk driver, and your annual coverage may go up substantially. 

It is also possible that your insurance company will simply cancel your coverage. If they do this, you will need to find new coverage. In order to get your suspended license reinstated, you will need to provide proof of coverage via an FR-44 Proof of Insurance certificate. Because some insurance providers do not offer FR-44 coverage, your choices will be limited. 

Once you do find a provider that can provide an FR-44, the chances are good that the policy they provide you with will be significantly more expensive than your previous insurance policy. 

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Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney 

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