Is it true that the crimes you commit as a Florida juvenile are expunged from your permanent record once you turn 18?

Criminal records in Florida are maintained by the Florida Clerk of the Court for all juvenile and adult cases.

Criminal records of juvenile crimes are kept on file until one of the following has happened:

  • the child reaches 24 years of age (if the youth was classified as a habitual offender, this age limit increases to 26 years of age);
  • 5 years have elapsed after the last juvenile crimes entry was made for the youth; or
  • 3 years after the death of the child.

Some records of traffic offenses may be destroyed as soon as it can be reasonably accomplished as long as there is no allegation of delinquency.

When you are facing criminal charges for juvenile crimes in Florida you should not rely on the belief that your record will be clear once you turn 18. Unless you seek the help of a Miami criminal defense attorney with handling your case, it is possible that these records can follow you into adulthood. Your attorney will understand the proper steps to seal or expunge them.

Juvenile crimes in Florida can be a serious matter when looking for employment, housing, and school admission. A Miami criminal defense attorney can assist you in completing a record search to determine if your records have been properly expunged when applicable. If they are not, your Miami criminal defense attorney can assist you in determining what methods are available to clear your criminal record. Your attorney can examine the details of your case and give an honest assessment as to whether having the records expunged is a viable option.

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

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