I’ve Been Stopped For DUI in Florida – What Should I Do Next? (Part A)

If you are stopped for DUI in Miami, there are several things you’ll want to know about how to handle the situation. Everything you say and do will have consequences, whether positive or negative.

If an officer suspects you of a Florida DUI, you will be questioned, observed, asked for identification, and subjected to field sobriety tests. There is a good chance that the entire encounter will be videotaped. If in fact you are charged with a Florida DUI, you’ll want to get the professional help of a Miami DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Immediately After Being Stopped for DUI in Miami

When you see the flashing red and blue lights pull up behind you as you drive on a Florida roadway, pull over as soon as you can. Make sure you do so safely and steadily, so that you don’t arouse further suspicion. When the officer approaches your vehicle, be prepared to show your driver’s license and registration. If you have difficulty producing these documents, the officer may suspect that you are impaired.

Answering an Officer’s Questions When Stopped for DUI in Miami 

It is important that you speak politely, clearly and calmly when stopped for DUI in Miami. It is also important to be careful what you say. When an officer asks if you’ve been drinking, consider the fact that there may be the odor of an alcoholic beverage on your breath.

If you deny having had any alcohol when you did, those words may come back to haunt you in the event that you are charged with a Florida DUI. Lying to an officer may be seen as incriminating if your Florida DUI goes to trial.

Remember, acknowledging that you’ve consumed alcohol is not the same as admitting how much you’ve had to drink and it is not the same as committing a DUI in Miami. This is because a Florida DUI charge and conviction are based on your actual blood alcohol content and not the odor of your breath. Never voluntarily tell an officer HOW MUCH you’ve had to drink. This information cannot be deduced by the smell of alcohol on your breath.

If you don’t want to take the risk of answering an officer’s questions after being stopped for DUI in Miami, you can simply say that you wish to speak to a Miami DUI defense attorney. You may be arrested, but you will prevent yourself from providing any incriminating information.

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