Juvenile Delinquency in Florida Schools

Facing delinquency charges in Miami? A juvenile criminal defense lawyer will work on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected. In the state of Florida, schools can report an adolescent as incorrigible. In other words, the adolescent is failing to comply with authority on a regular basis and there have been criminal activities or those that create a dangerous environment.

According to a report from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, in the past seven years there has been a decrease in the number of offenses committed at school. There has been a 39 percent reduction in arrests in schools and there has been a 42 percent reduction in delinquency on school grounds.

The latest findings from the traffic school florida online year 2010-2011, show that just 15 percent of the juvenile cases in the state were drivers from schools. This is down from the 19 percent of school referrals that took place 2004-2005.

The following are some other interesting findings from the latest report on school-related delinquency referrals:

  • 37 percent were misdemeanor assault and battery, and disorderly conduct;
  • 24 percent were weapon and drug offenses;
  • 68 percent of all referrals were misdemeanors;
  • 58 percent of the adolescents referred were first time delinquents; and
  • 69 percent of the referrals were not filed or dismissed. 

If you have been charged with delinquency or a crime in school associated with incorrigibility, you may face potentially serious penalties depending on the nature of the crime. Seek legal counsel to guide you through any legal proceedings or processes.

Seeking Help from a Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

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