Man Blames Alligator for Florida DUI

A Texas man who was visiting Crestview, Florida this month has blamed an alligator for his car crash. According to the accused, who drove over a curb and parked his car in a ditch, he had been distracted by an alligator that appeared in his headlights. The man also admitted to having “six beers or so” before getting behind the wheel. 

According to the police report, when the first officer arrived she found the car still running and the tires spinning, and it appeared that the driver was trying to drive the vehicle out of a ditch. The man claimed to have gotten lost while driving back to his hotel. During a conversation, he warned officers about the lions and leopards that were prowling in the area. 

No alligator was found at the scene.

Suspecting that the man was impaired, the officers administered a blood alcohol content (BAC) test, which registered a level of .091. Later, while waiting at the police station, the man approached an employee’s desk and said that he wanted to “check out” (apparently of the EconoLodge). The man was charged with a Florida DUI and given a June 22 court date.

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