Miami Constitutional Rights Violated: Excessive Force

There are a number of ways that someone’s constitutional rights can be violated. Use of excessive force by police can be one of them. No matter what crime you may have been accused of or for what reason you are being arrested, police are not allowed to overstep their physical boundaries.

If you have been the victim of excessive force and suffered serious injuries, contact a Miami criminal defense attorney. They can help determine if your claim is legitimate and if it is worth pursuing legal action.

Excessive force can lead to severe injuries or even death. While police are allowed to use some force, the circumstances will determine whether or not it crossed the line. The force used in an arrest must be reasonable. Even if an individual was combative and requires more force than usual, certain protocols must still be followed. It doesn’t matter what the officer’s motives or intentions are; it matters whether or not the force used was unreasonable.

Determining if your constitutional rights were violated will require help from an experienced attorney. Don’t hesitate to seek legal counsel if you believe that excessive force was used on you during an arrest.

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

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