Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Reasons for Being Pulled Over

A Miami criminal defense attorney is important if you’re facing DUI charges. They will investigate the legality of the stop and whether the police’s conduct after the stop was legal. In most cases, you may have done something obvious to attract the attention of the police officer. Such behavior may give the police officer legal reason to pull you over.

The best way to avoid being arrested for DUI is to avoid driving if you are under the influence. If a police officer has legal reason to pull you over, such as observing a moving or nonmoving violation, they may then inquire about your level of intoxication if they have reason to suspect you are under the influence.

Always Follow the Traffic Laws

Always obey Florida’s traffic laws. If the police have a legal reason for pulling you over, they may be able to get close enough to observe certain behaviors that suggest that you may be intoxicated.

If they have reasonable cause to believe that you are intoxicated, they can ask you to take a sobriety test to determine your level of intoxication. A small traffic infraction may then have a domino effect, escalating into a serious DUI charge that could remain on your driving record for 75 years.

Drive Safely and Responsibly by Becoming a Boring Driver

Become a boring driver. Being a boring driver means avoid committing a moving violation, such as speeding, running through stop signs and red lights, forgetting to use your turn signals, and above all, causing an accident that gives an officer a legal reason to detain you and your vehicle.

This does not mean that you should become an overly cautious driver. In some cases, police may take notice of an overly cautious driver because the effect of alcohol may slow a driver’s reaction times. If they have reason to suspect you are under the influence, they may pull you over and you could find yourself facing DUI charges.

Police officers are trained to notice certain driving irregularities that are more common when an intoxicated person is behind the wheel, including:

  • aggressive driving, including tailgating or cutting another motorist off;
  • weaving or zigzagging in and out of lanes;
  • broad siding a curb or median;
  • pumping the brake for no apparent reason ;
  • straddling the double yellow lines;
  • moving slowly or hesitantly across lanes;
  • driving with headlights off at night;
  • leaving a turn signal on long after a turn is completed;
  • using flashing hazard lights for no apparent reason; and
  • speeding up and then slowing down when traffic conditions do not require a creep and crawl response.

Keep Your Vehicle in Tip Top Condition

Make sure your vehicle is well maintained and is safe to drive on Florida’s roads. Police officers are on the look out for equipment violations, such as defective turning signals, headlights, and brake lights, because when these devices malfunction, they increase risks for other drivers.

The same applies to out-dated inspection stickers that may lead police officers to worry you are not driving a safe vehicle. Once stopped for these nonmoving violations, the police officer may observe signs of intoxication and inquire further. The end result is the same: you could be arrested and find yourself facing DUI charges. 

Contact a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

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