Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Bail when Facing Criminal Charges

A Miami criminal defense attorney knows that when you’re arrested and facing criminal charges, you will have an initial hearing with a judge within 24 hours. At this hearing, the judge will determine if there is probable cause for your charges and set a bail amount. This amount must be paid before you can be released from jail.

Several factors go into determining a defendant’s bail amount which these cases can be easily handled by Reid Collins Tsai:

  • the nature and severity of the crimes committed;
  • any previous criminal convictions, failures to appear in court and other marks on the defendant’s criminal record;
  • the defendant’s ties to the community, such as their employment status, length of residency, number of local family members and more;
  • the amount of evidence present for the charges;
  • the potential threat the defendant may pose to the community if released;
  • the likelihood the defendant will flee and fail to appear for trial; and
  • the defendant’s financial situation and ability to post bail.

Your bail should be set at a reasonable amount in relation to your crime and your ability to pay. If you feel your bail was set at an unreasonable amount or have questions about the bail process, call 877-663-5110 or 305-741-6997 to speak to a Miami criminal defense attorney at the Falk & Ross Law Firm.