Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Looks at Signs of Intoxication at Checkpoints

Contact a Miami criminal defense attorney if you are arrested for DUI at a sobriety checkpoint, or on any other occasion. Police officers are well trained to spot signs of intoxication. They may look for unusual or erratic driving, or may notice signs of intoxication upon pulling you over or at a sobriety checkpoint.

Common Signs of Intoxication

There are many signs of intoxication that the police look out for at a sobriety checkpoint. Many signs are behavioral and well recognized by anybody who has been around someone who has consumed too many of their favorite beverage.

An intoxicated individual may be unaware of these changes – even if they appear to be totally out of character. Police officers are trained to recognize both the obvious and subtle changes in behavior and physical appearance. Exhibiting one or more of these signs at a checkpoint may lead to further investigation and you may be arrested for DUI.  Specifically, the police look for:

  • bloodshot, droopy, or tired eyes;
  • slurred speech;
  • loud and uneven voice;
  • disheveled clothing;
  • slow or nonresponsive answers to questions;
  • slow and exaggerated movement and difficulty balancing;
  • responses that are full of denials or contradictions;
  • fumbling with objects such as a wallet or vehicle’s registration; and
  • stale alcohol smells or other odors that may indicate the driver had been drinking.

A sobriety checkpoint is just one instance where you may be pulled over by the police. Learn about other instances where you may be stopped by the police.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were charged with a DUI after being stopped at a sobriety checkpoint, you will need a criminal defense attorney who will examine whether the procedures followed at the checkpoint were properly and legally executed and which defenses may be appropriate for your case. Good thing we have Leyba Defense: Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys who can help you or contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with the Falk & Ross Law Firm at (305)-741-6997 or (877)-663-5110 for a free and confidential consultation.