Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Looks at Sobriety and DUI Apps

As most Miami criminal defense attorneys will tell you, you shouldn’t rely on sobriety and DUI apps to figure out if you’re fit to get behind the wheel and drive. Despite what some app creators may claim, consider them for entertainment purposes only. A cop or judge won’t care what the app told you if you’re pulled over for DUI.

Here is a sampling of a few DUI apps that have hit various app stores:

  • R-U-Buzzed – A blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator. Input information about your body weight, the number of drinks you consumed by type (beer, wine, or liquor), and the period of time in which you consumed them. The app provides you with a BAC reading and tells you if you are “buzzed” and then reminds you to find a designated driver. The app is free and compatible with Apple devices.
  • Webroot Sobriety Test – This app allows users to test their motor skills, color coherency, and double vision. If you fail, a locator add-on will direct you to the nearest motel or public transit system. You can even send out a distress signal to your family or friends via Facebook or Twitter. Available for Apple and Android devices.
  • BreathalEyes – An app that measures the involuntary eye movements known as horizontal gaze nystagmous (HGN), which police officers test when they ask drivers to follow a moving object with their eyes. Normally, a person’s horizontal gaze is steady unless impaired. Available for Apple devices.

Always be cautious and responsible before you get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking, even if these apps tell you that your BAC is within the legal limit or that you are okay to drive. Be aware of what may allow police officers to pull you over, and remember that they are trained to spot drunk drivers.  

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