Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Breaks Down White Collar Crime

According to the Florida Office of the Attorney General, fraud is not something that is taken lightly. To that end, the state office works to prosecute those who have taken part in various white-collar crimes, particularly those involving mortgage, securities, and health care fraud. A Miami criminal defense team is crucial for any type of fraudulent behavior.

However, as it relates to Florida, white-collar crimes are defined as those having to do with any of the following: 

  • theft or robbery;
  • computer-related crimes;
  • fraudulent practices;
  • exploitation of elderly people, including abuse and/or neglect;
  • forgery or counterfeiting;
  • issuance of invalid or worthless checks;
  • bribery;
  • misuse of public office;
  • racketeering; and
  • financial transactions.

For the most part, white-collar crimes involve the psychological and emotional upheaval of another party, group of people, or organization at the hands of another. So essentially, the person enacting the crime is not physically hurting anyone else, but he or she is stealing from others and is inflicting emotional and psychological harm. This harm could affect one person or 1,000 people, and often the charges that come with such a white-collar crime are doled out based on how many people were affected and how deep the crime affected them.

The severity with which criminal charges are filed also depends on who was being victimized. If a person organized a financial scam that robbed thousands of Florida residents of their retirement savings, for instance, that person likely could be charged with more counts than someone who had simply stolen someone else’s credit card information and then went on a shopping spree. There of course exist gray areas and the laws in Florida are not that black and white when it comes to white-collar crimes, which is why so many people being formally charged rely on the expertise of Miami criminal defense attorneys to help them sort through it and reduce the charges as much as possible. The charges can become quite severe, depending on the nature of the white-collar crime that was committed, and attorneys are truly the only way people being charged can get those charges lowered or eliminated entirely.

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