Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain How Criminal Charges Can Affect Immigration Status

Criminal charges are never easy to face, but they can be even more alarming when you are not aU.S.citizen because they may affect your green card status or application forU.S.citizenship. Therefore, they can change the course of your life. If you are an immigrant who has been charged with a crime, contact aMiamicriminal defense lawyers for help. Or even if your immigrant and have made truck accident contact Truck Accidenen Attorney – Warren & Kallianos.


Criminal Charges That Can Impact Citizenship

Immigrants inSouth Floridawith pending charges need to assess the type of crime they are facing. If convicted, some charges may permanently bar you from ever becoming a naturalizedU.S.citizen.

This is the case for aggravated felonies. Aggravated felonies can include drug trafficking crime, theft, battery, filing a false tax return, failing to appear in court and more. Some of the types of offenses listed as aggravated felonies are non-violent in nature and can seem trivial; however, they are classified as aggravated felonies and carry harsh immigration consequences.

Another type of criminal charge that can adversely affect yourU.S.immigration status is moral turpitude crimes. Actions that can lead to a charge of moral turpitude are assault, murder, rape, robbery, receiving stolen goods, bribery, counterfeiting, bad check writing, bigamy, some drug crimes, sexual offenses, burglary, perjury, larceny, blackmail and prostitution, among others.


Consequences for Immigrants

Conviction of an aggravated felony not only bars immigrants from becoming a naturalizedU.S.citizen, it also can have you deported and prohibited from being readmitted into theUnited States. Moral turpitude convictions may require up to a five-year waiting period before applying for naturalization in theU.S.

Keep in mind, there are cases where you could face deportation years after the crime. So even if five years have passed since you were criminally convicted, you might find yourself in immigration court facing deportation when applying for citizenship.


Forms of Relief

Charges do not automatically mean you will be deported or never be able to apply for citizenship. There are forms of relief that may be available to you that can work to your advantage. A form of relief is a method you can use to apply to stay in theUnited States, which will be ruled on by a judge.

The kind of relief available is dependent upon your criminal charges and:

  • what your conviction carries as a maximum penalty;
  • how much jail time you were ordered to serve; and
  • whether a suspended sentence or parole was ordered.

Charges against individuals who are not yet U.S.citizens are one of the most complicated areas of the law. If you are faced with charges, you need to consult with Miami criminal defense lawyers who understand criminal law in conjunction with immigration statutes.

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